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      They behaved tolerably well during the first few days after the occupation of Tongres; but that did not last long, and soon they began here also to commit atrocious acts of terrorism. One evening96 at about the middle of August several civilians were killed, a dozen houses along the road to Maastricht were fired, and in the town the windows of several shops smashed, which was followed by general looting. That lost them whatever sympathy they might have met with in the district.


      By examining automatic hammers it will be found that their valves are connected to the drop by means of links, producing [162] coincident movement of the piston and valve, and that the movement of one is contingent upon and governed by the other. It will also be found that these connections or links are capable of extension, so as to alter the relative position of the piston and valve, thereby regulating the range of the blow, but that the movement of the two is reciprocal or in unison. Reasoning inductively, not discovering or inventing, it may be determined that to secure a stamp blow of a hammer-head, the valve must not open or admit steam beneath the piston until a blow is completed and the hammer has stopped."Oh, bosh! Stop it! These are, of course, all lies from Reuter; they did not come from Wolff. Japan is not going to declare war against us; much rather against Russia!""I am a Netherland journalist, and want to ask the commander's permission to go to Lige."


      I have witnessed all the people during the very earliest days of the war. I came to Lige, passing between the forts, as described already. I was in Lixhe when the pontoon bridge was wrecked repeatedly by Fort Pontisse; I stayed at Vis three times before the destruction began, and I was there when the charming townlet was wrecked by fire; and in Louvain I have been dragged from my bed by six soldiers and arrested, when the whole town was still ablaze.


      Just outside Tongres I met a fleet of Red Cross cars loaded with wounded. Cavalry escorted them. I was stopped and ordered to go back, as they expected the Belgians to attack Tongres."Ah, well, I am sincerely glad to hear that. You cannot believe what awful sorrow it gave us, Flemings, when we heard that the Netherlanders were conspiring with the Germans."